A Soft and Warm Four-legged Clothing

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If you have a hairless or short-haired cat, you know how important it is to keep them warm and cozy in cold weather. That’s why this hairless cat sweater is the perfect solution. This sweater is made of soft and breathable fabric that will keep your cat comfortable and snug. It features a four-legged design that covers your cat’s body and legs, and a collar that protects your cat’s neck. The sweater has a zipper closure at the back for easy wearing and a hole for the tail. It comes in various colors and sizes to suit your cat’s preference. This sweater is ideal for sphinx and devon rex cats, or any other hairless or short-haired breeds. Order yours today and make your cat happy!

Size Chart(cm)
Size Neck Girth Chest Girth Belly Girth Back Length Suggest weight
XS 14cm 22cm 25cm 20cm 0.75-1kg
S 16cm 26cm 29cm 25cm 1-1.5kg
M 18cm 30cm 33cm 30cm 2-2.5kg
L 20cm 34cm 37cm 34cm 3-3.5kg
XL 22cm 38cm 42cm 38cm 4-4.5kg
XXL 24cm 40cm 47cm 42cm 5-5.5kg


1 review for A Soft and Warm Four-legged Clothing

    17 March 2024
    Great addition. Perfectly satisfied for my meow-mate.
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